Case Studies

Prometheus Project Foundation advises, plans and produces media for fellow non-profits, helping them to save money, meet objectives, make professional media and secure placement

MoMath Case Study

Non Profit Client: National Museum of Mathematics, New York City

The Charge: Create a broadcast quality thirty-second commercial targeting families and driving awareness and museum attendance.


- Three planning meetings with the client leadership to determine demographic targets, budgets, schedules, talent casting and commercial broadcast placement
- Creative development included five different ideas, treatise and production overviews for each
- After final creative selection, detailed narrative and process scripts are developed by Prometheus Project Foundation and approved by the client
- Storyboards are presented and approved
- Casting calls and selection of 28 actors needed for the commercial supervised by Prometheus Project Foundation - Recruitment of pro-bono crew, staff and volunteers
- Successful line-production takes place over two days while the museum is closed
- Prometheus Project Foundation completes post-production: editing of the narrative according to the storyboard, secures pro-bono original music, audio mixing, special effects and colorizing - Commercial completed, approved and delivered to MoMath
Final cost to client - zero dollars

Prison Yoga Project Teaching Workshop

Non Profit Client: Prison Yoga Project, San Francisco, California

The Charge: Create a multi-camera broadcast quality teaching video for Yoga instructors with the purpose of bringing Yoga to the prison population worldwide. The scope of the project included four cameras shooting the four hour-long workshop live.

Process: On-going planning meetings with the leadership to determine the scope of the production requirements such as crews, equipment and location details Presented a completed plan and budget to the Prison Yoga Project.

- Multiple review of the clients existing workshop narrative and presentation for video scripting
- Prometheus finalized the crew and equipment requirements, completed a detailed process script and production day plan
- Graphic and PowerPoint integration into the shooting
- Prometheus negotiated top quality video equipment at a 60% discount with a local vendor saving the client over $5,000
- Prometheus recruited high quality local film crews for very low flat fees and pro-bono saving the client over $2,500
- After final creative selection, a detailed narrative and process scripts are developed by Prometheus and approved by the client
- On-site production supervised by Prometheus producers pro-bono
- Prometheus organizes and supervises detailed pre-production meetings - Successful line-production takes place over one day at the Myscore Yoga Center
- Prometheus completes post-production: editing of the narrative according to the process script, secured pro-bono audio mixing and colorizing

Client saved over $20,000 including the cost of supervision